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Forget Teachers’ Day, Let’s Declare It Teachers’ Year

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That adage was confirmed when First Focus and Highlights asked kids recently to tell us how they felt about the new school year.

While many who had done virtual school during the first year of the...

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What We Learned from Kids’ Letters About 9/11

The terrorist attacks on American soil on 9/11/2001 changed the world forever. Among those experiencing our collective trauma were children, in shock and fearful.  Some of these kids wrote letters to Highlights to express their sorrow and...

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Our Birthday Wish as Highlights Turns 75

I was fortunate as a child to have had a loving, attentive family. But like many tweens, I was uncomfortable sharing everything with my parents. Luckily, I had other caring adults in my life, including a favorite uncle. Temperamentally, he and I...

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Pondering the Pandemic: A Year In and Five Takeaways for Parents

It’s been one year since we all downshifted into various levels of quarantine—an anniversary we may not want to celebrate, but one worth noting. Although (and especially because) we’re still waiting for life to return to some...

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Dear Grownups: Kids’ Inspiring Letters to President Biden and Vice-President Harris

I had almost forgotten just how feather-light hope is, and how easy it is to carry. Today I’m full of hope.

After all the uncertainty and sadness wrought by the pandemic, several years of looking down...

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Stay Calm and Parent On

So your candidate won the election. Or lost the election. In the aftermath, you're probably sorting through a tangle of intense thoughts and feelings. But know this: Our kids are watching. And they are picking up on what they...

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Why We Show Kids Wearing Masks in Highlights Magazines

“Why are the children shown in my child’s magazine wearing masks?” This is a question some parents of our readers are asking us in emails and letters and on our social sites. They also ask, “Have you consulted with medical...

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How to Talk to Your Kids about the Election

How are young kids feeling about the election? What messages are they hearing in the growing political cacophony? Here’s what we have heard from a few Highlights readers: ...

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Why Our Family Celebrates Pride

Every summer, our family celebrates.

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The Gift We Can Give Our Kids

My favorite Christmas growing up was the year my dad lost his job. My mom told my brother and me that we did not have money to spend, and that she knew things felt scary. But, she said, “You can make it better. You can help us find a way to...

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