Dear Grownups: Kids’ Inspiring Letters to President Biden and Vice-President Harris

I had almost forgotten just how feather-light hope is, and how easy it is to carry. Today I’m full of hope.

After all the uncertainty and sadness wrought by the pandemic, several years of looking down into the deep abyss created by the way we have expressed our political differences, our ongoing fight for social justice, and the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol just a few weeks ago—hope, like a feather fluttering in a battering wind, feels as if it could too easily escape my grasp.

That’s when I look to children—an unfailing source of hope and optimism. Children—our collective future. Children—the world’s most important people, as we say here at Highlights.

Do you think kids aren’t watching us? Do you think they are unable or unwilling to engage in conversations about big ideas and complex problems? Think again.

Lean in and listen to the kids in this video montage—kids who have been watching us grapple with all the challenges that lie before us. Listen as they read their letters to our elected officials. Lean in to learn about the issues that matter most to them. Feel their passion. Sense their empathy. Hear their reminder that we are accountable to them, if we are serious about helping them grow to become their best selves: curious, creative, caring, and confident.


These kids are holding our feet to the fire while they grow and learn and prepare to someday help heal the world themselves—to make it a better place for the generation that comes after them. They are asking grown-ups, “How will you help me?” And even as we make plans to help—asking ourselves every step of the way, “Is this good for the children?”—we too are helped by looking to them for the inspiration, hope, and optimism they exude.

They believe we can do better and expect that we will, and so we must.


Christine French Cully

Christine French Cully is Chief Purpose Officer and Editor in Chief at Highlights for Children. As Chief Purpose Officer, Cully’s focus is on growing awareness and implementation of the Highlights purpose, core beliefs, and values—to help actualize the organization’s vision for a world where all children can become people who can change the world for the better....