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A Surprising Benefit of Reading to Toddlers

My flight was delayed, and then delayed again. The gate was engulfed in a cloud of heavy sighs and grumbles. But my heart went out to the grandfather near me who was traveling alone with a preschooler. Grandpa had brought with him a bag of tricks...

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To Foster a Love of Reading, Talk About Books

One long-ago day, my fourth-grade teacher assigned our class oral book reports. We were to talk 3 to 5 minutes about a book of our own choosing. I chose the classic Old Yeller.

Old Yeller, as it turned out, struck a chord with me (as it...

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Why We Are Fighting for Change

Historically, children have not been a part of the conversation. In the Junior Newtown Action Alliance (Jr. NAA), we fight to change this, because why would children not have an equally weighted viewpoint, especially regarding an issue like gun...

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Three Ways to Connect with Your Child’s Teacher

Kids today still turn to their parents when they have something important to say, but increasingly, kids are looking to teachers to be role models and to provide guidance, according to   Highlights State of the Kid™survey  . Of the 2,000 kids...

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4 Ways to Talk with Your Kids About Today’s Celebrity Influencers—YouTubers, E-Gamers, Reality-TV stars and Athletes

“Adam just caught the most gigantic bass, Mom,” my son exclaims as if Adam is a neighbor, a school friend, or at the very least, someone I know. But I quickly realize my eleven-year-old son is referring to one of his favorite “YouTubers.” Adam...

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right After-School Activities for Your Child

In this day and age, the number and variety of after-school activities seem only to grow, making it easy to get overwhelmed by the choices or not know where to begin in narrowing down the options. Here are five tips to help you choose the right...

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Gallant Kids Making a Difference


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Highlights State of the Kid, an annual survey that gives kids the chance to express what is on their minds and what is most...

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3 Strategies to Empower Your Kids

It was heartening to learn that 93 percent of kids who responded to the 2018 Highlights State of the Kid™ survey say they’d take action if they saw someone doing or saying something mean, and that nearly all respondents—90 percent, in fact—feel...

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5 Questions to Ask Your Child’s New Teacher

With the excitement of the new school year often come many changes for your child: a different teacher, classroom, and classmates, for example. Getting on the same page as your child’s teacher—whether through a conference or back-to-school night...

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Ask Your Kid’s School These Essential Student Privacy and Safety Questions

By Caroline Knorr, Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media 

Some schools use a little technology: a few educational apps to mix things up, maybe a weekly trip to the computer lab. Some use a lot: one-to-one device programs, class management...

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