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10 Ways to Help Your Kid Get a Good Night's Sleep

By Erin Wilkey Oh, Common Sense Media Executive Editor, Education

Parents know firsthand the impact a poor night's sleep has on kids. Lack of sleep can contribute to crankiness, problems with attention and learning, behavior issues, and...

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Be a Role Model: Find a Healthy Balance with Media and Technology

By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media parenting editor

We've all seen that dad yakking away on his cell phone at the playground while his 3-year-old resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get his attention. We've also been that...

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My Dinner with a Muslim Changed Me Forever

In 2002, Highlights magazine published an article that explained the Muslim observance of Ramadan. It happened to be the year after 9/11, but we’d been looking for a good article about Ramadan long before those tragic events. Highlights has a...

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5 Ways Parents of Preschoolers Can Raise a Body-Positive Kid

By Sierra Filucci,Executive Editor, Parenting Content, Common Sense Media| | Mom of two

How's this for a scary statistic: Studies show that kids as young as 5 say they don’t like their bodies.

Common Sense Media's survey of body-...

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What Would Madeline Do? Talking to Children about the Paris Attacks

“They smiled at the good. They frowned at the bad. And sometimes they were very sad.” – from Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

Millions of people have viewed the poignant video, showing a grief-stricken father in France talking to his son about...

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The Surprising Way My Son Earned His Smartphone

“But Mom, everybody else has one!“ What parent hasn’t heard that line a trillion times? But no mind, even after much begging and pleading, I stuck to my guns and said no.

The item in question was a smartphone—and my 10-year-old son wanted...

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Open Your Ears and You'll Open Your Eyes

Yep. On occasion, I yelled at my kids. Sometimes I let them talk me into buying them things that they really didn't need because in the moment, it was simpler than any other kind of negotiation. (Hey, I was a tired, working, single mom!) I doled...

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Excuse Me, But It’s Time to Role Model Good Manners for Our Kids

A friend remembers her mother trying to teach her and her sibling good manners at the breakfast table when they were young. “What’s the magic word?” their mother asked before sliding pancakes on their plates. The younger sister thought and then...

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Family Camping—A Breath of Fresh Air for Kids

It’s late afternoon. I’m writing this sitting in a lawn chair in front of a campfire, part of a tidy arrangement of tents and RVs. Above me is a canopy of trees. “Next door,” a mother and her small child are curled up in a chaise reading together...

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What I Learned Today about Monsters, Recess and Waiting

I had some fun drawing and making art with a classroom full of enthusiastic 2nd Graders today. I showed some of my art and they showed me some of theirs and then I even got the chance to sniff some of their "smelly markers." It was a good...

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