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Confessions of a (Reformed) Helicopter Mom

Last weekend, my husband I were totally flummoxed by a robin who crashed into our dining room window over and over again.

We were desperate to help. We tried taping paper over the two window panes the bird favored, but the bird simply...

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If You Give a Kid a Library Card, Oh the Places They’ll Go

Before I could read or write, I knew how a library card worked—and I desperately wanted one of my own. The librarian said that I could have one–as soon as I learned to print my name. I got right to work on that, and I can remember receiving the...

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In Their Own Time

My daughter was a thumb sucker from the beginning. She looked adorable as an infant as she self-comforted. But as she grew older and started walking and then running, it charmed me less. I started to worry. I wanted her to stop. My wonderful,...

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Half the Fun Really IS Getting There!

I know a family trying to visit as many different states as possible with their children. They track their progress with a pin-map on their kitchen wall–low-tech and old-school, but a great conversation starter when guests come for dinner.

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In Celebration of Valentine’s Day: Ways We Show Our Heart

One of the great perks of having children is that they help keep you from becoming too jaded.  An overextended adult, strapped for time, money or creative ideas, might view Valentine’s Day primarily as a boon for florists and card shops.


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Meeting Mister Rogers

I’m not too much of a celebrity worshipper. I once stood in a taxi line right behind Larry King in his signature red suspenders. Eh. Another time I found myself seated near a stony-faced Candace Bergen in a New York City restaurant. Neither of us...

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