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Just the Two of Us

Every week, starting when I was ten, my mother took me on a forty-five-minute drive to ballet school. We kept up this routine for two years, until it became clear that no amount of lessons would ever turn graceless, waistless me into the Sugar...

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How I Got My Toddler Back on Books After She Got a Taste of Screen Time

By Angela Zimmerman, Common Sense Media 

When I opened the gates to screen time for my 2-year-old daughter, I was planning to limit it to airplanes and sick days. But with TV and tablets came a whole new colorful world that hooked my tot...

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How to Raise a Motivated Reader

It’s an easy trap to fall into: You tell your kid to read for 20 minutes and he can have extra video-game time. Or ice cream. Or something new and shiny. Yet when we reward our children for spending time with a book, we are focusing their...

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How to Prepare Your Child for Tests

Taking a test can be unnerving for many students, but especially so for younger children. Whether your student will soon take his first classroom reading exam or a statewide standardized test, fear and uncertainty can impact his performance....

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How One Plus One Became Three

Soon after we brought our newborn daughter Caroline home from the hospital, her five-year-old brother Michael wanted us to take her back. I know that because that’s exactly what Michael told me and his mother.

My wife said, “OK.” And then...

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How Travel Helps Kids Learn

In many cases, kids learn by absorbing the information and environment around them. As a result, exposing your youngster to the multitude of experiences that travel offers can provide unique, hands-on learning experiences. Consider, for example,...

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Sleep Tight, Little Guy

As a toddler, our son Michael came into our bedroom at night to sleep on the carpet near our bed. He never knocked on the door or asked to come in or tried to climb into our bed with us. He always conked out on the side near his mother. Obviously...

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An Open Letter to Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School



At Highlights, our core value is the idea that “Children are the world’s most important people.” We keep this idea front and center as we create magazines, books, and digital products that are “Fun with a Purpose.” 


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Why Media Role Models Matter

By Caroline Knorr, Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media 

As parents, we have a natural instinct to choose who we want our kids to be friends with -- and who we'd rather they not hang around. The same instinct kicks in for media role models...

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What They’ll Remember

I was having breakfast recently with the appealing young woman who used to be my little girl, when she suddenly looked across the table and, out of the blue, began reminiscing about a game we used to play when she was in the first grade. "...

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