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Tips for Introducing Your Child to the Arts at a Young Age

Not only are the arts an enjoyable way to pass time, they provide important opportunities for children to expand their creative thinking, express themselves, and learn more about the world. The arts provide children with skills they can use in...

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A Birthday Party, a Meltdown, a Crisis Averted

It was the kind of small moment that usually slips by unnoticed. But something about this fleeting incident—longer in the telling than the event itself—has stuck with me.

When my daughter, Becky, was 3, we attended a backyard birthday...

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Even Toddlers Know When Moms Are Too Controlling

Want to boost your chances of having a great rapport with your kid now and for years to come?

Give your toddler a shot at independence.

Let her play (safely) on her own terms, with her own toys, the way she wants to play with them....

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How to Keep Learning Alive Over the Summer

Summer is a great time for rest and relaxation, both for your child and the school community! However, you don’t want all your child’s valuable knowledge to shrink or disappear over the course of these months. Here are five ways to keep learning...

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The Strength to Say No

My mother used to tell a story I thought was about me. Later, when I was a parent myself, I realized that the story was actually about my mother and her style of parenting.

The story goes like this: I was about four years old and we had...

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Four (Simple and Fun!) Ways to Stave off the Summer Slide

Summer is here! And with the hot weather and longer days can come the “summer slide” – when children can lose months of hard-earned learning while they’re playing in the sprinklers and chasing the ice cream truck.

But, not to worry! A few...

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How Comics Helped My Kid Love Reading

By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media Executive Editor, Parenting Content

When I was a kid my dad read to me every night. By age 5, I was traveling nightly through the worlds of The Hobbit or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Even...

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3 Places Families Should Make Phone-Free

By Caroline Knorr, Senior Parenting Editor

You're sitting down to dinner and -- buzz, buzz! -- your phone starts vibrating. You're driving your kid to practice and -- beep, beep! -- a call comes in. You're tucking your kid into bed and --...

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7 Things Every Kid Should Master

What do you really want for your children? What do you dream about for their future? It’s probably not fame or even fortune. Instead, parents simply want their children to be happy. “I think that, deep in their hearts, every parent would agree,”...

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To the Parents at the Minneapolis Airport Bar

It is early. 5:30 a.m. Dark o’clock. Bleary-eyed and slouched over my coffee, I am seated in a restaurant near my gate, contemplating breakfast. You are seated at the bar.

While I idly wonder why you are sitting there instead of sitting in...

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