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Why Some Kids Can't Do the Right Thing

This present-day scene may well be a scene from your future: My friend had made plans to meet up with her 20-year-old son to tour an art exhibit in Manhattan. Come the agreed-upon day, she texted her son to remind him that she would see him at...

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What's Going On in There? A Sneak Peek into Your Baby's Brain

By Claire Lerner and Rebecca Parlakian

A group of us were sitting around with our babies, bleary and silly with sleep deprivation, and started doing that thing where you say what you imagine the baby is thinking. My friend Andrew looked at...

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What I Know Now: Kids Are Who They Are, And That’s Okay

The leafy New England campus, with its august buildings arranged around a grassy quad, looked straight out of a college catalog on the Sunday morning in late May when my daughter received her B.A. I sat, one of a large crowd of proud parents...

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The Unexpected Benefits of Organized Sports

There are plenty of reasons to get your kid off the couch and onto the field, according to most experts.

Organized sports gives children a chance to boost activity and develop physical and social skills. And OK, the uniforms can be totally...

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Back to School, Back to Reading

“Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops,” says writer Kellie Elmore. But, sadly, all good things—even summer—must end. Fall is hinting at its arrival, and already it’s back to school.

As your kids swap their flip-flops for new...

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Tips for Introducing Your Child to the Arts at a Young Age

Not only are the arts an enjoyable way to pass time, they provide important opportunities for children to expand their creative thinking, express themselves, and learn more about the world. The arts provide children with skills they can use in...

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A Birthday Party, a Meltdown, a Crisis Averted

It was the kind of small moment that usually slips by unnoticed. But something about this fleeting incident—longer in the telling than the event itself—has stuck with me.

When my daughter, Becky, was 3, we attended a backyard birthday...

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Even Toddlers Know When Moms Are Too Controlling

Want to boost your chances of having a great rapport with your kid now and for years to come?

Give your toddler a shot at independence.

Let her play (safely) on her own terms, with her own toys, the way she wants to play with them....

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How to Keep Learning Alive Over the Summer

Summer is a great time for rest and relaxation, both for your child and the school community! However, you don’t want all your child’s valuable knowledge to shrink or disappear over the course of these months. Here are five ways to keep learning...

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The Strength to Say No

My mother used to tell a story I thought was about me. Later, when I was a parent myself, I realized that the story was actually about my mother and her style of parenting.

The story goes like this: I was about four years old and we had...

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