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7 Things Every Kid Should Master

What do you really want for your children? What do you dream about for their future? It’s probably not fame or even fortune. Instead, parents simply want their children to be happy. “I think that, deep in their hearts, every parent would agree,”...

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To the Parents at the Minneapolis Airport Bar

It is early. 5:30 a.m. Dark o’clock. Bleary-eyed and slouched over my coffee, I am seated in a restaurant near my gate, contemplating breakfast. You are seated at the bar.

While I idly wonder why you are sitting there instead of sitting in...

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To Make—or Not to Make—Their Lunches (That is the Question)

Her: “I cannot believe you’re still making your kids’ lunches. Let them make their own sandwiches!”

Him: “They don’t know how.”

Her: “Oh, please. Just show them. Slap a piece of bread on the cutting board and slather some peanut...

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Help Preschoolers Handle Strong Emotions

By Christine Elgersma, Common Sense Media Senior Editor, Apps

When you're little, things aren't all fun and games. Big feelings can sweep in without warning -- and the resulting tantrums can be brutal for kids and parents. No one can ...

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How to Set Screen Rules That Stick

By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media Senior Parenting Editor

In many homes, getting kids to turn off their cell phones, shut down the video games, or shut down Snapchat can incite a revolt. And if your kids say they need to be online for...

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Who Wins When Everyone Gets a Trophy?

Perhaps you’re a soccer or softball mom. Me, I was a crew mom. Weekend after weekend, I drove to rivers hours away to watch my daughter race. Usually, I scouted out points along the bank that maximized the seconds I’d get to see Becky row by in a...

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Screen-Time Limits for Parents?

By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media Executive Editor, Parenting Content

Distracted parenting has been a hot topic recently. Some experts link the rise in smartphone ownership to a spike in emergency room visits for kids under 5. Others...

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How to Raise a Green Kid

Today, I have a measured sense of how much trouble our environment is in. We have many challenges ahead of us, I realize. I also know that the wildlife in my backyard is not likely to drop dead today or even tomorrow.

I have arrived at...

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Why I Love Messy Play

I love messy play. You might think I’m crazy — but simply put, messy play is how small children learn.

Though children learn something from any form of play, messy play is particularly suited for teaching creativity, encouraging scientific...

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One Easy Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Relationship with Your Kid

By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media Executive Editor, Parenting Content

If you own a smartphone, chances are, you love it. You take pictures of your kids, stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with the news, and text your spouse...

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