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Highlights@Home: Be the Best BFF!

At last, it’s June—and there’s so much family fun to be had. Our theme for this collection is Be the Best BFF, in honor of National Best Friends Day.

Friends are essential for a healthy, happy childhood—and cultivating friendships helps foster kids’ social-emotional development. As they often do, many of the  puzzles and  stories we’ve included here feature anthropomorphic animals, and your kids may notice that the animal friends all look very different. It's a good reminder that the qualities we seek in friends—kindness, positivity, and shared interests—are found in friends who  may look like us, or in those who may look different. Let's celebrate our differences!

We also want kids to learn that good friendships require effort and attention, and you’ll find two fun ideas for ways your kids can practice this. And we haven’t forgotten that Father’s Day is coming up soon. We offer many ideas for showing Dad love. After all, Dad—and Grandpa—are some of our “best buds,” aren’t they?