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Highlights@Home: Be a Nature Explorer

There are wonders to explore just outside your back door and in this week's Highlights@Home collection, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to Be a Nature Explorer! In this bundle we’ve included a variety of ideas for awesome outdoor adventures. Consider letting your kids use cell phones to plot a path through a nearby park or use the phone’s compass together to help find their way. Kids who like physical activity might get into planning a nature obstacle course. Science lovers could start a field journal. Musical kids can “map” the sounds they hear in nature.

The whole family might enjoy watching birds at a backyard bird feeder. Your kids can make a very colorful one, following the craft instructions here. Hang it on a tree branch or securely on a fire escape. We’ve included some bird-watching tips, too.

The outdoors is a classroom where lots of learning happens. Encourage your little nature explorers to spend some time there this week.