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Highlights@Home: Celebrate the 4th!

This year’s Independence Day celebration may look different for most of us, but you can still make it memorable. Pick up some red, white, and blue crepe paper, balloons, and other materials your kids can use to deck out their bikes, and organize a neighborhood bicycle parade. Ice pops afterward are traditional for some, but a backyard picnic is a fun idea, too—and we’ve done the planning for you. Even if you can’t enjoy a community fireworks display this year, you can spend some time outside after dark and enjoy the “sparkle” of fireflies.

We hope you enjoy relaxing and simply being together on this holiday. That’s the stuff of good memories, no question. But perhaps you’ll also take a moment to explain the why behind our nation’s birthday celebration, offering an appropriate amount of detail based on the age of your kids. If you need a little help, many good children’s books are available.

And as we celebrate our freedom this Independence Day, let’s also keep top of mind our ongoing fight against injustice and racial inequality—so we can make America truly fair and free for all.