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Highlights@Home: Cleaning Up!

Did you know that kids who do chores are more likely to become happy, healthy, and independent adults? Now, that may not be enough to get your kids excited about helping around the house. But isn’t it good to know that giving them age-appropriate chores is helping them become their best selves? It teaches them responsibility. And it helps them feel like part of a team—Team Family. Of course, getting kids to perform their chores cheerfully, or even willingly, can be a chore for you. We hope we can make that a little easier with our ideas in this bundle of resources for making cleanup fun. If nothing else, you can tamp down any objections with music. Listen to the catchy cleanup song we’ve included here, “The Glumps,” and be sure to turn up the volume! Before long, you’ll all be dancing and singing, dust cloth or broom in hand.