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Highlights@Home: Cool Off!

Summer is heating up, and we “all scream for ice cream”—or something that will help us Cool Off!, the theme for this new collection of resources from Highlights@Home.

In this bundle you’ll find a recipe for homemade vanilla ice cream your kids can help make. And it comes with an explanation about the science of creating the perfect creamy texture at every step.

If ice cream doesn’t do it for you, try an ice pop. We offer a suggestion for making one, but it’s not edible—it’s a craft.  Another no-fail, popular way to cool off is with water play. Our Hidden Pictures puzzle features seals cooling off at a water park, and our story features some young entrepreneurs who get too warm running a lemonade stand. When cool lemonade and shade aren’t quite enough, they turn on the sprinkler. That’s an idea your kids will love, too.

What’s your kids’ favorite way to cool off? Encourage them to write about it—or draw a picture. Be sure to add it to the COVID-19 time capsule you’ve been keeping!