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Highlights@Home: Get Your Game On!

While the 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed, now’s still a great time to Get Your Game On, the theme of our new collection of Highlights@Home. You’ll find lots of creative ways to have some fun playing games.

Your youngsters will love testing their athletic ability in a Backyard Olympics. We’ve included 10 game ideas inspired by real Olympic events, like Wiffle ball golf and fencing with pool noodles. To really get into the Olympic spirit, let your kids make medals and plan a simple awards ceremony complete with the national anthem. You and your kids can also take a quiz to find out what sport you are!

You may want to take this opportunity to help your kids learn about the Olympics. In this collection, you’ll find a great article about Louis Tewanima, a 1912 Olympic medalist whose story will open the door to conversations about resilience, managing hardship, and the challenges Native Americans have faced.

Ok, let the games begin. Lace up your shoes and join in the fun!