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Highlights@Home: Have a Pet-a-Palooza

Welcome back to Highlights@Home and to the dog days of summer! In fact, National Dog Day is August 26th and, to celebrate, we’re encouraging you and your children to Have a Pet-a-Palooza!

Now, you don’t need a pet to take part in the fun. Your kids can play along with their stuffed animals, or they can count the birds that fly by your home in the morning. If you do have a pet, think about how you can safely share the joy it brings with friends who don’t have one—just like Ms. Wood does with her bunnies, Flopsy and Mopsy, in this week’s story.

Our recipe gives you the opportunity to thank your pets for all the happiness they share. With 3 different recipes for canine, feline, or rodent friends, the video demonstrates how to make these no-bake treats!

Do your kids love quizzes? Our quiz reveals the type of dog they would be. Have family members act out their quiz results, and take turns guessing the answers. It’s sure to leave everyone howling with laughter.

We hope you have so much fun celebrating all the furry, feathered, or scaly friends in your family’s life. And try to live a bit more like dogs do—by staying paw-sitive.