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Highlights@Home: Hooray for Helpers

We’re taking our hats off to all the helpers—the front-line workers who are true heroes, with special thanks to nurses as we observe National Nurses Week. This time of staying safer at home presents an opportunity to expand your kids’ understanding of what it means to be heroic. You might start by helping them brainstorm a list of community helpers. Most kids will readily mention doctors and nurses, and maybe scientists working on a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19. They might also name grocery-store workers, truck drivers, trash collectors, veterinarians, teachers, and mail carriers. When we take time to talk about essential workers in a meaningful way, we help kids develop a deeper appreciation for those who are often taken for granted. With just a little focus on these helpers, we can cultivate attitudes of respect and move a little closer to becoming the people we hope to be when we emerge from this experience: more empathetic, kinder, and more thoughtful about the things that truly matter.