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Highlights@Home: Let's Talk Family

Because family is foremost in our hearts and minds as we navigate these uncharted waters, we put together this collection of resources called "Let's Talk Family." Someday, this quarantine will be a memory, and we hope your children will remember some of the family fun you've been enabling, and also the ways you are helping them focus on the things that really matter—the needs of others and the love and support of family. These family-themed puzzles and games are great warm‑ups for other simple activities that strengthen the family bond, such as reminiscing. Dig out your kids’ baby photos and share some of your own. Looking at photos is a natural segue into sharing family stories. Maybe you could try writing a family song. Or how about creating a family cheer or special handshake? Older kids might like to create a family coat of arms, or just have some quiet one-on-ones to talk about their hopes and dreams for post‑COVID times. You'll surely want to preserve all these feelings and memories in a family time capsule. Won't that be fun to open at some future date?